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NIDA Goes Back to School



NIDA Goes Back to School is your source of FREE information about the latest science-based drug abuse publications and teaching materials. Students, do you need a discussion for dissertation or any other type of paper to learn the science of drug abuse? Check out this site and also access our dedicated student site via the link above.

Teachers, check out specific curricula and other teaching aids listed on these pages. Order hard copies of our materials for FREE. Curriculum materials are reserved for teachers. You can order online or call our clearinghouse toll-free.

Parents, we provide the latest research findings on drug abuse and addiction. The fact sheets and booklets appearing here will give you the data based on the science.

Subscribe to the NIDA Goes Back to School Listserv to receive email updates about our new publications, news, and events.

We'll be adding to this site all the time, so visit us often.

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