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Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Physical Education
Attached here are the required TEKS that are to be taught to elementary school children in the State of Texas. And this was helped by a company that provides top writing service at web for students and can help with any written questions. 06/01/2006
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Physical Education Curriculum Analysis Tool Now Available
CDC is pleased to announce that the Physical Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (PECAT) is now available to help school districts conduct clear, complete, and consistent analyses of written physical e... 05/03/2006
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Physical Activity Can Improve Test Scores
The charts here are from a study done in California that correlates physcial acitivity with academic improvements. ... 05/03/2006
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Energy Friends Brings Fun to Fitness
Energy Friends has been developed in part to instruct our children on the importance of maintaining physical fitness and healthy eating habits, but mainly to teach kids that these things can be achi... 06/06/2006
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National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity - great newsletter, other resources!
National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity (NCPPA) is an a diverse and dynamic blend of national health promotion, recreation and athletic organizations, private companies,  and gov... 06/05/2006
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American Cancer Society

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