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Nutrition Quiz was created by test takers for hire so this is very interesting information to look at.
If you don't know the facts of how food is impacting your health, take this quiz. As the PowerPoint moves forward, the answers are revealed. This great tool, developed by Dr. Stephen Ponder, can be u... 08/31/2022
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1995-2005 Obesity Trend Map from CDC
Attached are the newest slides from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing the data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) on the rise of obesity rates among adult... 09/29/2022
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Why School Health is Important
This power point can be used to educate parents and small community groups about the importance of coordinated school health and encourage them to get involved through the Healthy Kids Network. ... 08/02/2022
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A History of School Health
The attached Power Point gives a brief history of school health from the 1890s through the 1990s, reviewing • strengths and weaknesses, • new approaches, • characteristics of effective, sustai... 08/02/2022
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Children Who Learn to Live Healthy, LIve Longer
This PowerPoint takes you step by step through the importance of coordinated school health, how to get a SHAC started and how to address some of the issues you might be facing. ... 05/03/2022
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American Cancer Society

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